Majestic True Beauty Matt in 20145 Wisdom comes across as very elegant!



Wisdom is the sum of knowledge, experience and reflection. Let the coming decade be a time where we listen more than we talk, make informed decisions, and live our lives with insight and understanding. That is the inspiration behind this magnificent colour!


20145 Wisdom is a deep plum shade that encourages one to collect one’s thoughts. It’s deal for spaces where you wish to focus or have meaningful conversations, be it in the living room, working area or – for the lucky ones among us – a library. 20145 Wisdom is magical and soothing, and encourages clear thinking in an atmosphere of refined elegance.


A deep and charismatic colour, 20145 Wisdom looks best in the beautiful matt finish of Majestic True Beauty Matt!



20145 WISDOM

This is a very deep plum colour with a purple undertone. Redder than many other tones of purple, it’s this particular characteristic that makes it unique. At first glance, it almost looks black, but with a warm undertone of plum. Use it to add magic, elegance and depth.




Neutral combinations such as the golden grey 1973 Objective, 1032 Iron Grey, 1877 Pebblestone and 1462 Evening Sky are great matches. However, the warmer grey variants such as 12077 Sheer Grey, 12078 Comfort Grey, 0394 Soft Grey, 1352 Tender Grey and 10429 Discrete also work very well. Among the beiges, 12075 Soothing Beige, 12076 Modern Beige and 1623 Marrakesh are recommended.

12077 Sheer Grey, 1032 Iron Grey




Combined with the lighter plum colour 20412 Daydream and the mellow pink 2024 Senses, 20145 Wisdom provides a pleasing dark contrast.

This colour also comes into its own when combined with green tones such as 7628 Treasure and 7629 Antique Green, but also with the more golden 8546 Local Green, 8469 Green Leaf and 8252 Green Harmony.



Seeing as purple complements yellow, colours such as 11174 Curious Mind and 10961 Raw Canvas are also very stylish – and perhaps create unexpected contrasts when placed together.


The deep plum tone of 20145 Wisdom goes beautifully with 11174 Curious Mind (in the picture to the right). The table is painted with Majestic Supreme Finish in 1024 Timeless.




White shades that go well with 20145 Wisdom include 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla and 1622 Edelweiss.


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