Take Interior Design Tips from This Charming Hotel

The newly rejuvenated One Heritage Hotel, in Seremban, is fully painted with Jotun paints! This project was undertaken by The Makeover Guys, who were asked to turn an old and broken down hotel into a cozy and inviting place for relaxation.


Victoria, interior master stylist at The Makeover Guys, expressed nostalgia through a perfect blend of tradition and heritage with a modern, contemporary twist. Her creative vision can be seen in the hotel’s design, colour and furnishings – with input as well from Jotun’s colour experts. Victoria chose Jotun paints for their timeless appeal and superior features.



Soft, neutral tones are paired with warm, subtle contrasts throughout the hotel – achieving equilibrium between the cleanliness of minimalism and the energy of colour. Slight shifts of shade in monochrome spaces tilt the balance towards welcoming warmth or cool, contemplative stillness.

This gentle contrast complements nearly any kind of furnishing to create a variety of looks. With just slight variations in the combination of shades, as well as furniture, the ambience changes from room to room.



Tactile surfaces add character and depth. The hotel’s front desk combines a considered spectrum of varying textures with soft neutrals, sparking within guests a sense of exploration and intrigue.


A calm space is devoid of clutter, which is true of the hotel’s living areas. The few objects present serve a dual purpose of being functional and decorative, with the walls providing a backdrop for these pieces to shine.


The wall furthest back is painted in 12083 Devine, a subdued peach nuance that imparts soothing warmth.


12083 Devine is golden, subdued and pleasant. It’s not really pink, having more of a greyish apricot/peach nuance. This colour works well with other peach nuances, such as 12084 Dusky Peach and 12085 Rural.


If you prefer warmer nuances, 12083 Devine strikes a beautiful contrast with 20120 Organic Red (top circle), a subdued reddish pink.





The bedroom is a refuge of slowness and simplicity. It’s where we go seeking peace and clarity; comfort and contemplation – be it at a hotel, or our very own home.


Combining a neutral base with powerful accent colours creates striking effects. Break the monotony of a beige wall with the faint peach 10290 Soft Touch and golden pink 2024 Senses.



There is beauty in simplicity. The warm grey nuance 12078 Comfort Grey encourages a clear mind, both at the start and end of a day. It’s perfect with pure white colours 7236 Chi, 9918 Morning Fog or 1624 Skylight, but may also be combined with 1001 Egg White and 1453 Vanilla.



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