4863 Statement Blue is a colour full of power and personality!



4863 Statement Blue creates a bold, personal interior which radiates sophisticated self-confidence. It’s a highly energetic colour and adds excitement. Pick it to make an assertive and dramatic colour statement!


A vivid, strong blue tone. 4863 Statement Blue is an exciting colour with a strong character!

The wall is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt. We especially recommend the matt finish for bold colours like this one, to really make it pop!




Many will associate this bright blue with cobalt blue. It no doubt stands out and makes a really powerful statement – a colour for the brave! Very different compared to familiar blues such as 4477 Deco Blue and 4625 Nordic Seas.


The rich tone of 4863 Statement Blue looks cool and elegant in combination with the pure white 9918 Morning Fog! The table has been given a beautiful flawless finish with Majestic Supreme Finish.

This bold colour invites natural references to high skies and open seas.




A pure and powerful tone of blue like 4863 Statement Blue can be incredibly stylish when combined with neutral colours, such as white and grey. Pick pure whites, like 9918 Morning Fog or 1024 Timeless if you prefer a slightly greyer nuance. Grey tones such as 1032 Iron Grey or 1462 Evening Sky are also nice combinations that will provide a pure, but powerful statement.


4863 Statement Blue is wonderful in combination with the greyish-white 1024 Timeless.


This pure and powerful tone of blue can be incredibly stylish when combined with neutral colours, like white and grey.


9918 Morning Fog, 1032 Iron Grey, 1462 Evening Sky

Pure whites are recommended combinations for this colour. White nuances that go well with Statement Blue include 7236 Chi, 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight and 1622 Edelweiss. Golden whites such as 1001 Egg White and 1453 Vanilla will also work due to the large tonal contrast.



Yellow can create a complementary colour scheme and produce exciting contrasts. A bit of magic happens when 4863 Statement Blue is combined with the ochre tones of 10001 Dijon Yellow – we’re talking power! If you’re looking for a more toned down expression, the greyish-yellow 11174 Curious Mind is an alternative.

When placed together with the bluish-green colours of 7637 Exhale and 5489 Free Spirit, 4863 Statement Blue really does produce fireworks. For those who prefer purer tones in the same style, 6084 Sea Emerald is a good choice. If you’re looking for paler tones of blue, 4017 Pilaster Blue creates a nice, light contrast.


When 4863 Statement Blue meets the ochre shade 10001 Dijon Yellow, power and energy is expressed in style!


Try new and slightly unusual colour combinations to achieve a magical effect! 4863 Statement Blue also pairs well with pink shades, such as 2024 Senses.

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