20143 Lively Red is charming, energetic and cheerful! With Majestic True Beauty Matt, the colour really pops, with a particularly beautiful and matt finish.



20143 Lively Red delivers a promise of playfulness and adds a solid dose of energy to the surroundings. The colour is warm and vivid, making you feel both safe and revitalized in equal proportions. This is a vivacious nuance which harbours optimism, joy and creativity.

See how magically and beautifully everything comes together in this scene. With two red, tone-on-tone shades of colour on the walls and various details, the room becomes stylish and unique.

The walls are painted in Majestic True Beauty Matt 20143 Lively Red, and the door and skirtings in Majestic Supreme Finish 20144 Grounded Red. Take note of the all-matt ceiling painted in 9918 Morning Fog.






This golden red colour is a lively mix of red, orange and pink – embodying a cheerful and bright presence. It can also be described as a darker and slightly more golden version of the 2856 Warm Blush, but it is somewhat paler than 20118 Amber Red.



20143 Lively Red is a playful choice when matched with paler, more discreet tones. It’s a stylish and bold contrast to pale and white tones like 1024 Timeless, 1376 Mist, 0552 Tudor and 10341 Pale Ash, but also works well when matched with neutrals such as 12077 Sheer Grey, 12078 Comfort Grey, 0394 Soft Grey, 1352 Tender Grey, 10429 Discrete, 10835 Velvet Grey and 10965 Hipster Brown.


Among the beige colours, 1140 Sand, 12075 Soothing Beige, 12076 Modern Beige and 1623 Marrakesh are good matches.

10341 Pale Ash




Similar in colour and tone, 20144 Grounded Red is an attractive, darker red colour combination as shown in the image above, but 20118 Amber Red is also a good alternative. Another exciting option is to use adjacent colours, like the yellow 11174 Curious Mind or 10683 Cashmere, in your colour scheme.


Red can also be combined with blue for a slightly daring and unexpected contrast. A blue that has a similar shade is 5490 Serene Blue, which is an excellent choice.


Colours that possess similar shades are equally colourful, as they contain the same amount of white and black. This ensures a certain balance between the colours.


5490 Serene Blue and 20143 Lively Red – two colours of similar shades that blend beautifully together, all in the matte finish of Majestic True Beauty Matt.


For a complementary colour scheme, we recommend tones of green such as 8469 Green Leaf, 8479 Evergreen or 8494 Organic Green to create a bold, lush contrast.




White shades that go well with 20143 Lively Red include 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla and 1622 Edelweiss.

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