Inexpensive Ideas That Give Your Home A New Look

Rediscover some of the things you already have by arranging them together in a different way! The wall is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 20119 Transparent Pink.


Giving your home a makeover, from time to time, is often necessary. These can be minor adjustments as your family grows, or an overhaul to welcome a brand-new chapter in life. One money-saving tip is choosing to reuse what you already have, but with some changes


Regardless of whether the reason you’re shopping less is for the sake of the environment or your own wallet, it’s a good move! With these tips, you can make big changes at home – with a clear conscience.



Before buying anything new, it’s smart to carefully review what you already have! Hunt for hidden and forgotten treasures in the store room, or even at your parents’ home. You might find some old but nice pieces that you can revitalize with a coat of paint. At the same time, think about moving around the unused furniture in your home. Maybe the closet in one room can be moved into another room to solve a lack of storage, or perhaps an old chair works fine in another room after painting it to fit with the colour scheme.


Paint can help us give old and used items a new lease of life. We’ve painted this closet with Gardex Semi-gloss 7163 Minty Breeze, and the chair has been revitalized with 7555 Soft Mint.


These chairs were formerly bright pink – their new shade is a more harmonious match with the yellow wall. The chairs are painted with Gardex Premium Semi-gloss in 1624 Skylight. The muted yellow of the wall is Majestic True Beauty Matt 10246 Velvet.




Today, fortunately, it’s easy to get everything from used furniture to the finest, vintage interior decor. Most can be found through local Facebook groups, second-hand stores or flea markets. The great thing about reusing is that it not only contributes to sustainability, but also to creating a unique and personal interior! Photo: Filippa Tredal. The colour of the wall is 4618 Evening Sky.



Moving rooms can be a fun and quick way to change things up. Perhaps the needs of your family have changed, now that the kids are older? Or, the function of some rooms can be replaced to make better use of limited space? For example, if you have both a dining room and a living room, then these may swap places to accomodate your family’s needs.

When space is limited, a refurbishment or simple division of new zones can be ideal. See, for example, how Time for Home created a new zone in one corner of this living room.


This living room has a separate office area. Here, the white wall painted with 7236 Chi is contrasted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 5362 Fusion .



If you want a quick yet big change, painting the walls is the easiest way to do it! You can create magical changes with a whole new colour as the backdrop to the things you already have. It’s simply amazing how much difference a fresh coat of paint will make.

The same furniture – sofa, table and shelf – but in a completely new environment!


This green oasis has a cool-toned wall painted 6350 Soft Teal.


This wall has been given the colour Majestic True Beauty Matt 1877 Poppy Seed




Instead of embellishing a space with many separate pieces, scattered all over, why not group them together? By grouping the little things you already have, you can make beautiful vignettes that evoke different themes and moods. This way, your little decorative pieces won’t seem like clutter and take up too much space. You may even appreciate what you have more, when you see them in a different way!


The wall is painted with the beautiful green hue 7628 Treasure.



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