Warm and Rustic Shades For A Heartwarming Home

Welcoming and comforting, Warm and Rustic Shades from REDISCOVER was inspired by the essence of the Earth – the clay, rock, sand and not forgetting the ground that cultures around the world were built upon.



From the golden pink hues of Moroccan desert sand to the Mexico-inspired burnt orange tones, this palette will steady the souls of homeowners and leave them feeling comforted and whole. Delve into the nature of this palette below to find out what it entails.


Luxuriously Robust

12127 Earthy Brown


As rich as soil, 12127 Earthy Brown is a great example of a luxuriously dark shade that is deep, honest, and withstands everyday life superbly. Use it on trims, walls or both for a robust look with Majestic Supreme Finish.



Adventurous and True

The warm colour palette includes a grounding shade reminiscent of terracotta hues that is both authentic and soothing to look at. Introduce an air of rustic living with 12124 Natural Clay for an inspiring and cozy interior.


12124 Natural Clay


Uplifting and Energetic

Truly a palette in appreciation of the world’s cultural heritage, rich traditions and the value of real craftsmanship, an atmosphere of abundance and beauty will come easy with colours such as the gold-toned 10428 Masala and refined 12118 Hummus.


10428 Masala


12118 Hummus


Rustic, Warm and Welcoming

Red and pink have never been more tasteful together. Whether it is an inclusive interior or a comforting corner that you want, 20167 Welcoming Red and 12120 Desert Pink are inviting and nurturing colours to coat your space in – and flawlessly at that, with Majestic True Beauty.


Ceiling: 12120 Desert Pink, Wall: 20167 Welcoming Red. All painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt.


The red is pleasant with a hint of pink, whilst the pink is mild yet engaging.


12120 Desert Pink


Completing the palette with effortless elegance is 1392 Antique Yellow. The timeless shade is irresistible and adds a light to a room with just a touch of tradition – it is no wonder a classic that had to be rediscovered!


1392 Antique Yellow


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