Left: 11173 Humble Yellow is light and muted, but with a distinct presence. Right Image: The wall is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt in 7637 Exhale. The shelves are Majestic Supreme Finish in 10001 Dijon Yellow.





If you like having a variation of colours around you, pick those with similar colour nuances to ensure harmony. In the NCS system, this means choosing colours with the same first four letters in their code. For instance, if your choice is 1020, you’ll then choose between different colour hues. This could be yellow, red, blue or green hues, as long as the colour nuance stays the same. In other words, they share the same blackness and saturation – or colour strength.

You may also broaden your options to colours with approximately similar colour nuances, in addition to combining light and dark shades.


7628 Treasure and 12084 Dusky Peach is a combination that’s pleasing to look at.



With this colour scheme, you’ll achieve varied yet harmonious interiors without contrasts. 

From the Global Trends 2020 colour card, you can consider 7637 Exhale and 11173 Humble Yellow.


The picture below is an example of combining three colours with approximately similar colour nuances.


The left wall is 10966 Almond Beige, the remaining walls in the dining room are 10961 Raw Canvas, and the room on the right is 8252 Green Harmony. All are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt. 



Another excellent combination is 11174 Curious Mind, 2024 Senses and 7637 Exhale. 

Left:  11174 Curious Mind. Middle: 7637 Exhale. Right: 2024 Senses. (The table in the middle is painted 20142 Daydream, the same colour as the alcove on the right.)


Watch this video for tips on choosing similar colour nuances:

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