Pairing different shades of the same colour can result in aesthetically pleasing interiors! 

Here, the walls are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt in 20143 Lively Red, and the doors and trims with Majestic Supreme Finish in 20144 Grounded Red. 




One of the easiest ways to combine colours is to use nuances within the same colour hue – a combination from the same colour family. 

Begin with a hue from the NCS colour circle, such as Y70R, which is the last part of the NCS code. Next, select nuances of this hue, meaning different shades in terms of blackness and saturation – or colour strength. These colours can appear as light, medium and dark shades, but with the colour hue Y70R as a common starting point.

Such a colour scheme is safe and discreet; a good choice for harmonious and elegant interiors. 



An example of this is Majestic 2024 Senses (S3010- Y50R) and Majestic 20120 Organic Red (4914- Y55R)



Alternatively, colours with approximately similar colour hues tend to look aesthetically pleasing when put together. 

1024 Timeless, 1973 Objective, 1032 Iron Grey, 1462 Evening Sky and 1434 Elegant are good examples of shades within the same colour hue:



In the Global Trends 2020 colour card, you’ll find examples where 1462 Evening Sky and 1434 Elegant are used together:


The dark grey 1434 Elegant is the narrow stripe separating the top part – Majestic True Beauty Matt in 11174 Curious Mind – from the bottom, which is the slightly lighter and yellowish grey 1462 Evening Sky. 


Watch this video to get a better idea of how to use nuances within the same colour hue: 





The brighter green wall is Majestic True Beauty Matt in 7629 Antique Green, while the darker shade on the door is Majestic Supreme Finish Silky Matt in 7613 Northern Mystic. 


Here, we have combined the darker 5455 Industrial Blue with the brighter 5044 Icy Blue.

One of our newest colours, 11175 Adventure, matches beautifully with 12083 Devine!


In the picture on the right, the cabinet doors are painted with Majestic Supreme Finish Silky Matt in 12083 Devine.



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