Colour Trends 2021: Rediscover Your Home With The Classic And The New

Titled REDISCOVER, the launch of Colour Trends 2021 introduces 29 shades that are a combination of the new and timeless. The 29 shades are segregated into four colour stories that each exude an air of their own. Nonetheless, homeowners can freely pair any colour from the entire collection to create interiors that energize, relax, and inspire.


Painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 12118 Hummus, 12120 Desert Pink, and 20167 Welcoming Red



A Collection Like Never Before

While Jotun’s past annual Colour Trends launches have consisted of brand new colours, REDISCOVER was designed to best reflect and accommodate current times of vagueness and reservation.


Familiarity and the home is what most find comfort in. With that in mind, we have included beautiful, nostalgic shades from Jotun’s long-standing colour archive, alongside newly developed ones.


The Four Colour Stories

Inspired by the Earth, the soil and rustic living, tones that are warm, welcoming and steady can be found in the first colour story – Warm and Rustic Shades. From reds and browns, to muted yellows and rustic brights, this collection stands as a golden invitation for feelings of comfort and coziness.


(Top to Bottom) Painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 12124 Natural Clay; 20167 Welcoming Red and 12120 Desert Pink


Safe to say that this palette was crafted to appreciate authentic, slow living and a relaxing sensory experience. Read more here



Next, Soft Neutrals and Tactile Hues was put together for simplicity, subtlety and confidence. Its colours are anywhere from minimalistic, delicate, to sophisticated – perfect for dialing down clutter and establishing clarity and peace in a home. Read more here


(Top to Bottom) Painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 1276 Soft, 0486 Early Rain, and 12125 Impression; 1563 Lucerne


The third colour story is one of nature’s nautical blues and botanical hues. Whether you are looking to add the softness of the skies or stillness of the greens, the colours from Airy Blues and Weathered Tones emulate that of far-away retreats to bring you a sense of freedom and rest.


(Top to Bottom) Painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 5503 Natural Blue and 1024 Timeless; 8469 Green Leaf


Immerse yourself in this palette to create a sanctuary at home – Read more here


Last but not least, Muted Shades and Dreamlike Pastels is a palette of inspiration, the vintage and the contemporary. It is highly inspired by all things artistic to present colours that are both retro and forward-looking, which is suited to uplift a space for feelings of inspiration, new ideas and daydreams.


(Left to right) Painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 6378 Iconic; 10246 Velvet


Read more here








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