Stylish panel walls and matte surfaces, painted with the colour 5490 Serene Blue, come together to create a great look! The rounded panelling is painted with Majestic Supreme Finish, while the smooth walls are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt.




Home is a place we can personalize using the things we surround ourselves with, as well as the colours and textures we choose. Blue has always been a calming colour, and with this shade, you can create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere at home.


5490 Serene Blue recreates the tranquillity that can be found where the sky meets the sea. The colour is soft, yet distinctive. It conveys confidence and sets the mood for any room, while also being easy to combine with other colours.


Enjoy a quiet moment in pleasant surroundings. With Majestic True Beauty Matt in 5490 Serene Blue, your space will be a delight to live in!



This is a really beautiful, bluish-green colour with blue-grey tones and a distinctive hint of green. Muted and relaxing, it creates pleasant surroundings. It’s a slightly bluer version of 6352 Evening Green and a little greener than the bestselling 5030 St. Pauls Blue. 5490 Serene Blue is going to be a new bestseller!



All the new JOTUN colours can of course also be mixed in Majestic Supreme Finish – our water-based wood and trims paint with a beautiful flawless finish. It is available in a choice of gloss and silky matt finish. Its excellent stain-resistant properties ensure easy cleaning, without the loss of rich colours. Majestic Supreme Finish is also low odour and dries more quickly than conventional solvent-based paint.

In the picture above, we’ve painted the rounded panelling with Majestic Supreme Finish in 5490 Serene Blue, opting for a silky matte finish.




Attractive nuances of grey that go well with 5490 Serene Blue are 1024 Timeless, 8470 Smooth White, 1391 Bare, 1973 Objective, 1032 Iron Grey, 10679 Washed Linen, 12077 Sheer Grey, 12078 Comfort Grey and 0394 Soft Grey.


Great beige options are 10678 Space, 12075 Soothing Beige and 12076 Modern Beige.


Relax – and be a little playful! 1024 Timeless is one of the neutrals that combine beautifully with 5490 Serene Blue.



5490 Serene Blue is gorgeous when combined with blue-green colours such as 6351 Tender Green, 6350 Soft Teal, 5180 Chini, 7163 Minty Breeze and 7637 Exhale. Beiws these, it works very well with the slightly greener 7628 Treasure. Golden colours also create an exciting complementary contrast to blue: check out 11174 Curious Mind or 10961 Raw Canvas.



The more reddish colours also create a fun combination: 11175 Adventure and 20143 Lively Red, but also the adjacent colour, the purple plum 20142 Daydream.




7236 Chi, 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White and 1453 Vanilla work well with 5490 Serene Blue.


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