The burnt orange colour 11175 Adventure, combined with the yellow 11174 Curious Mind, creates a warm, sandy feel. The kitchen walls in the foreground are painted with the new and improved Majestic True Beauty Sheen – now with an even more luxurious finish, and easier to keep clean!



Adventures are experiences that change us. We return to our daily lives with fresh memories, new perspectives and increased self-knowledge, whether from a desert safari, a journey across distant seas or simply by discovering something new.


11175 Adventure is a burnt orange tone that evokes images of the African steppes and beautiful fabrics. The colour is golden, earthy and warm, creating an exotic atmosphere. Reminding us there are always new colours, flavours, fragrances and ideas to explore.


Distant lands and exotic travels await! Majestic True Beauty Sheen ensures the walls in your home look beautiful and stay that way. With one less thing to worry about, you’re free to start dreaming about your next adventure.



Majestic True Beauty Sheen takes beauty to the next level, and there are several reasons why. Its enhanced formula delivers a smoother, more luxurious finish you can be proud of. And with improvements to stain resistance, your walls will always look fresh and new. Jotun’s very own True Colour Technology also ensures a more uniform colour, so you don’t have to expect the unexpected.

All these combine to keep your walls consistently beautiful, no matter what adventures you choose to go on – at home and beyond.



Golden, earthy and warm, this colour can be described as burnt orange. It’s a delightful blend of yellow, red and orange. Think of it as a more golden version of 2771 Rustikk Terracotta, or a darker version of 12074 Peachy.



It tones well with the pale, golden colours 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla, 1376 Mist, 1024 Timeless and 0552 Tudor. It also pairs with the slightly more pigmented 10679 Washed Linen, 12077 Sheer Grey, 12078 Comfort Grey, 0394 Soft Grey and 1352 Tender Grey for a warm, earthy look.

Try 1877 Pebblestone, 1462 Evening Sky or 1434 Elegant if you prefer golden greys.

12078 Comfort Grey




This colour is great together with dark details in black, such as 9938 Blackened Black or 1434 Elegant. You can also try it out with cheerful 12074 Peachy, which is similar in colour and tone, or the paler 12083 Devine.




Green provides an exciting contrast, especially with the darker tones of 8494 Organic Green, 8546 Local Green or 8422 Green Marble.


Create a complementary contrast by using the burnt orange 11175 Adventure together with beautiful blue tones such as 5489 Free Spirit, 5490 Serene Blue, 5249 Arctic Grey or the brighter 5455 Industrial Blue.


Opposites attract – 11175 Adventure in combination with 5489 Free Spirit.



For 11175 Adventure, we recommend 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White or 1453 Vanilla.


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