11173 Humble Yellow is a gorgeous, muted shade of yellow that beautifully complements 1352 Tender Grey! The white details are painted with Majestic Supreme Finish 1624 Skylight.



Confidence works best when tempered with a dash of humility. One can raise one’s voice to be heard, but to be understood, one must learn to listen. Empathy and adaptability are important for a balanced view of life.

11173 Humble Yellow is a colour for people who listen, and who are open to input and ideas from others. Sophisticated and discreet, it’s a shade of yellow which accommodates other accent colours without disappearing into the background. A compelling expression of how humility can be a sign of strength.


Pale and muted, but with a clear presence! 11173 Humble Yellow is like a beautiful, gold drapery that forms a perfect backdrop for art and other elements.



This muted, pale yellow colour is characterised by a greyish bloom. It can be described as a modest, discreet colour. In comparison, the colour is softer and warmer than the tones of yellow found in the livelier 12080 Soft Radiance. It may also be described as being a paler version of 10961 Raw Canvas.



If you like tone-on-tone colour schemes, 11173 Humble Yellow looks great next to 10961 Raw Canvas. It’s also gorgeous with the darker hues of 10962 Sandy and 10963 Golden Bronze.


Of the pale and whitish colours, golden whites such as 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla and 1024 Timeless are great matches. However, the very pale golden 1108 Lotus or the slightly darker 11174 Curious Mind are also good choices.

If you’re looking for a darker grey contrast, 1352 Tender Grey,1462 Evening Sky or 1434 Elegant are recommended.


Yellow and blue go well together. The golden blue 5490 Serene Blue, 5489 Free Spirit or the less golden blue tone 5030 St. Pauls Blue are all lovely in combination with 11173 Humble Yellow.


11173 Humble Yellow and 5490 Serene Blue form a complementary contrast. The table surfaces are painted with Majestic Supreme Finish.



For a lush look, check out the new green 8546 Local Green, or other well-known green colours like 8422 Green Marble, 8494 Organic Green, 8252 Green Harmony or 8469 Green Leaf.




White tones that go well with 11173 Humble Yellow include 1624 Lightness, 1001 Egg White and 1453 Vanilla.



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