A refreshing combination! The mustard-coloured walls are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 10001 Dijon Yellow. The blue-green window frame is Majestic Supreme Finish Silky Matt 5489 Free Spirit.




Those who appreciate bold contrasts can consider complementary colour shades. These are colours placed opposite to each other on the NCS colour circle. Examples of complementary colours are blue and yellow, as well as red and green shades.

However, complementary colours must be used carefully, because they may boost each other’s effect. Used in soft nuances though, the result may be very exciting.


The contrast of one soft and one bold complementary colour prevents this pairing from being overwhelming. The shelves are painted with Majestic Supreme Finish 10001 Dijon Yellow, while the wall is Majestic True Beauty Matt 7637 Exhale.



In the latest Global Trends colour card, 4863 Statement Blue and 10001 Dijon Yellow are an example of two complementary colours that create bold contrasts. Used together, the effect is energetic, edgy and cool.


4863 Statement Blue and 10001 Dijon Yellow are a magical combination! The tabletop is given a matte sheen with Majestic Supreme Finish, and the walls with Majestic True Beauty Matt.



7637 Exhale is a light and muted mint tone. In a colour scheme with 10001 Dijon Yellow, both complementary colours set a calm yet exciting mood.


The shelves in the alcove, painted with Majestic Supreme Finish Gloss 10001 Dijon Yellow, add dynamism to the room with their contrasting colour and shine! The walls have a matt finish with Majestic True Beauty Matt 7637 Exhale.






Red and green shades are complementary colours, with a more muted approach in the picture below.


The wall is painted with the golden and deep red Majestic True Beauty 20144 Grounded Red. The board on the left is Lively Red 20143, while the board in the middle is 8546 Local Green. Given a matte sheen, although all are strong colours, the effect is slightly more subdued.




Learn more about colour matching with complementary colours in this video:




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